Category: Libraries and components
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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MSXML is a Microsoft XML Parser library that provides connection and interaction with the XML service. This component is built into the system distribution from Microsoft. This service is updated through data packages that are included in the operating system's service packs. MSXML is a general purpose library that provides special programs to run. This software is needed for programs that are related to accounting and office tasks. New versions of this library are integrated into the OS Windows image. For users who have an "old system" installed on their computer, there is an option to "manually" add the library to the OS Windows registry. MSXML 4.0 with SP3 is a version of the library that is used by many users. Use the links on the official Microsoft servers to download this component. If necessary, download this software by entering the "downloads" section and finding the links on our servers.


This library does not activate functions, but it is an additional component that provides installation and launching of third-party programs. Microsoft XML Parser is more suitable for working with "accounting" and "office" software. This component is installed by default on new OS Windows builds. All those who have OS Windows XP or Vista can install this component on their computer by entering special system settings.


Installation of libraries on your computer is automatic. You do not need to have special skills, but just download and run the installer. Then use the step-by-step wizard by pressing the "Next" key. The library will have to be installed in the original language, because there is no Russian localization. Don't forget that this library sometimes creates "conflicts" with old files of this library. If you want to avoid file conflicts, uninstall the old version of the library before installing the new version.

Key features

  • the library is built into the OS Windows distribution and is a universal add-on;
  • this software is needed to run third-party software;
  • sometimes this library "conflicts" because of old files of previous versions;
  • the installation process is fully automated;
  • this library is available for free download.

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