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BPWin is a special program that provides design of visual models. In the program you can create a template for a business plan and or a presentation document. BPWin provides creation of models for "corporate" and presentations. This software creates models of business processes in a "visual" shell for better perception of information. The visual model facilitates understanding of different processes and the links that are created between them. The graphical shell of the program is not complicated and is designed for inexperienced users.


BPWin is one of the oldest CASE solutions that uses IDEF0 technology. Using the tools included in the software, you create a complete virtual model of technological processes. In addition to the main task, this program generates reports automatically. In the software, you can print ready-made documents. In the process of creating a project, you use various functions. You can use the scale, check the text for errors, manage dependencies and add diagrams. Using a special wizard, you can work with diagrams much faster. Running it, you select the type of diagram, the title, the information to be displayed in cells, and specify the author. The graphical shell of BPWin is created in a primitive shell without complex panels. The main program window contains a toolbar and navigator. All auxiliary functions are located in the main menu.

Installation and compatibility

BPWin has not been updated for quite a long time. The creators of the software stopped at version 4.0, which appeared in 2006. When installing the program, you will encounter compatibility problems if you have a new OS Windows build installed on your computer. Run the BPWin installer using compatibility mode. If you are using OS Windows 7, 8 and 10, then install a similar program - ERWin it contains more features and is compatible with newer OSWindows builds.

Key features

  • many tools that provide modeling of business processes;
  • the graphical environment is designed in a simple interface;
  • the program has a built-in function that generates reports in automatic mode;
  • the program is equipped with a wizard for quick creation of diagrams;
  • on modern operating systems you may have problems with the program launching.
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