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System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
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Erwin is a program that provides the creation of business model projects. In the software you work with visual projects and automate different processes on the organization.

About the Program

Erwin is not designed for the average user, but if you work in a "business" or a structure that is associated with various projects in the field of business, then this assistant will come in handy for making business plans. The program can manage small business processes, as well as large scale operations that "cover" multiple transactions that are stored in appropriate documents. Erwin provides protection for the documentation and also makes "corrections" in the classification of work processes, allowing you to avoid a drop in productivity of the enterprise and its collapse.


All Erwin tools transform business processes by changing the standard display of information in text form. In the software, you work with visual documents in a convenient graphical environment. All document processing is realized through the creation of models in graphical or flowchart form. This structure provides work with visual models that are responsible for all company processes. Erwin checks the company's database and displays the steps that are required to achieve the set goals. By using this software, you will check the necessary information and know the global objectives that allow you to reach a certain goal. In the program you regulate all the processes that are related to the document flow between employees of different levels of professionalism. In fact, in ERwin you will form a full-fledged model that shows the "outcome" of what is happening at a particular organization, firm or enterprise. After analysis, you will be able to more easily conduct business and manage the document flow in the enterprise. The program is distributed on a paid basis. The software has problems with launching on new-generation Windows operating systems.

Key features

  • Creating graphical models of information that is stored in text form;
  • full control of all processes that take place in the business and their automation;
  • increase of production efficiency and achievement of set goals;
  • the software has its own library of "blanks", which forms visual models;
  • the program is created with a "tree structure" with simplified access;
  • the graphical environment is designed for people who "run" a business.
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