Category: Messengers and voice communication clients
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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HushSMS is a unique mobile solution through which you can send messages of hidden types to other users. The software is designed for Android smartphones and tablets. The work of the utility is based on service commands between the operator and the portable gadget, which are provided for proper network transmission between the device and the cell tower. On the official web-resource this software is positioned as a free solution for those who need to know whether someone's phone is on or off to send information without saving it. The utility menu is as simple as possible and contains only one panel that gives access to options for sending messages:
  • sms messages (maximum 160 characters);
  • PING;
  • WAP Push SI (maximum 40 characters);
  • WAP Push SL (maximum 40 characters);
  • MMS messages (maximum 30 characters), works only on Android devices.
An important point is that only GSM network protocols are used, in other words, the software is useless in the CDMA range. It is also worth noting that operators have a number of restrictions on sending service messages from the gadget. For example, subscribers of the provider AT&T such actions are completely blocked. The main feature of the utility is the ability to check the presence of any subscriber in the network coverage area. You can do this by sending a service SMS, and the subscriber will remain unaware of such actions. This is a very useful feature, especially when you need to discreetly check the availability of users or find out if they are using a given phone number. For correct operation on some versions of Android OS, a special module for Framework XPosed is required.

Key features

  • Several ways to check the availability of any mobile number;
  • Operator's service protocols are used to send messages;
  • messages are sent covertly for the recipient, and then reset and leave no traces; no support from developers;
  • simple and convenient UI;
  • distributed under a free license;
  • only supports smartphones with Android 6 or 7 operating system.
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