VK App

VK App
Category: Social media
System: Android 4.0.3
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 22 746


VK in iPhone style - one of the variants of the official VK application with iPhone-style design and functions. This version of the utility is designed for portable Android devices. To date, developed quite a few applications for this social network, the functionality of which exceeds the original, for example, VK MP3 (for listening to and downloading music from the service), VK Coffee(the ability to be in the network in the "Invisible" mode) and many others. The utility provides the following features:
  • downloading tracks from audio records and messages;
  • blocking group users;
  • changing and creating a new design of tabs.
Also in the settings there is an option to check for updates, through which users can receive the latest news of their friends. This software is simpler to use, but at the same time has more extensive functionality compared to analogs. The interface is almost identical to the one that users are used to seeing on a daily basis. The "Options" section is implemented, which is not present in the main version. During correspondence, there will be a complete absence of advertising. Under each post of the user from now on, the Apple brand will be painted. The utility has a mode {"Invisible", thanks to which you can be online and no one will know about it. It is also worth noting the ability to quickly, and most importantly free of charge, download music from your audio recordings. Special attention should be paid to the well-thought-out notification system - if the user someone wrote a message, the notification will instantly appear on the screen of the device.

Key features

  • The utility is a variant of the official VK application with design and functionality in the style of iPhone;
  • the ability to write messages, upload graphic and video content, as well as send and receive gifts;
  • convenient management and access to data from all sections of the service;
  • good content optimization;
  • The application's capabilities are almost identical to the functionality of the service for desktop devices;
  • possibility to purchase paid content from the main VK service;
  • high speed of response and downloading information;
  • the ability to quickly and for free download music tracks from your audio records;
  • good optimization with portable and devices of all formats;
  • ability to change and create new tabs design;
  • distributed under a free license;
  • possibility to activate the "Invisible" mode.
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