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Universal Unroot

Universal Unroot
Category: Root rights
System: Android 2.2
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 19 164


Universal Unroot is a mobile client through which users can remove root rights on a jailbroken smartphone. The utility is designed for portable Andoid devices. The program will help to remove superuser rights and return the phone to stock options. It is worth noting that for a temporary solution to this issue, the utility will not fit. The software is very practical and interfaces with a large list of portable devices. The application is very simple and convenient, which allows it to occupy small amounts of memory and perform its function very quickly and naturally.

Why do I need to remove root?

Yes, root access is a very handy thing that gives the user absolute access to the features of the smartphone. But, root privileges can cause irreparable damage if they fall into the hands of an inexperienced user.
  • Security
Quite often there is damage to important files, and it happens far from the fault of the user, but it is his actions that lead to this. Users never check the installed software, and many of them have a rather negative effect on the system of the portable device.
  • Warranty period has not expired
For example, a user bought a new phone and decided to keep the system under control. But something happens and the phone must be sent to the service center for warranty service. Service workers immediately determine the presence of root rights and cancel the warranty.

How to use the program

  1. Download and install Universal Unroot on the device.
  2. Turn on the program.
  3. Tap the Unroot button.
  4. Repeat the request.
  5. Wait for the software to reboot the phone.
After returning to the factory settings of the device, you need to check it for access of the main administrator. To date, the utility works on x86, ARM devices and can remove superuser rights that were installed with programs such as SuperSU, Superuser, Chainfire and ChainsDD. It's worth noting that installing the OS requires not just removing the master administrator rights, but also locking the bootloader activated at the time of root. Universal Unroot will allow you to easily remove all the rights of the main administrator as loyal to the system as possible without making changes to the system files. Thanks to the simplified design, which largely repeats the standard window for booting any application, it is very easy to understand the software, as there is only one button in sight.
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