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Category: Launchers
System: Android 2.3
Program Status: Free
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iLauncher is a mobile client whose target audience is iPhone style devotees. Quite promptly works, convenient and cost-effective. The software is designed for portable Android devices. To the main features of the utility can be attributed:
  • Spotlight search;
  • animation effects;
  • gloss effect;
  • rounding the corners of icons;
  • changing the caption and appearance of each icon;
  • easy hiding and removal of software shortcuts from the desktop, etc.
The undeniable positive qualities of the Android OS include the versatility of UI options in virtually unlimited limits. No more reflashing and long customization of the rights of the main administrator - just download this utility. iLauncher repeats in detail all the features and features of iOS 7. Among the features of the program it is necessary to note the proprietary staging of icons on the screen. Externally, the desktop completely resembles the OS from Apple. At the bottom of the screen is the classic iOS 7 panel. The utility supports each folder, and the creation of which requires one visual element of the interface to another, as in products from Apple. It is worth noting that to make adjustments to some of the parameters under the needs of the user. For example, you can change the wallpaper and the main purpose, add shortcuts for necessary tasks and actions.

Key Features

  • Beautiful and fast window motion animation;
  • all details are identical to the IOS7 system;
  • ability to add shortcuts for desired tasks and actions;
  • easy navigation is implemented;
  • ability to create multiple pages in one folder;
  • icons have rounded corners and glossy effects;
  • the ability to quickly delete the desktop;
  • gesture control support;
  • ability to edit each icon according to your own preferences;
  • easy removal of applications from the home screen;
  • Spotlight availability;
  • ability to change the caption and appearance of each icon;
  • support for a customizable dock;
  • ability to rotate the home screen;
  • full russification of the interface;
  • availability of animation effects;
  • no unnecessary actions are required for retouching and customization;
  • presence of a hardware key to exit the editing mode;
  • you can enable the editing format by long tap on the icon;
  • minimum operating system Android 4.1 or newer is required;
  • low power consumption.
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