MTK Droid Tools

MTK Droid Tools
Category: Working with Android devices
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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MTK Droid Tools is a specialized software that shows detailed statistics about the "stuffing" of the connected device on OS Android, as well as provides "rooting" of mobile devices. The application provides full-fledged data recovery using a "backup". MTKDroid Tools allows you to customize mobile devices on OS Android and perform a firmware reset in emergency cases when something went wrong.


  • Performs service tasks in different directions;
  • in the software you can "generate" "scatter-files" for connected devices based on "" that were created earlier;
  • working with archive copies of information and saving them on a memory card or PC hard disk;
  • "rooting" of mobile devices with Android OS;
  • complete uninstallation of unnecessary software on a smartphone or tablet;
  • you can create a "boot" sector with modification, as well as "ClockworkMod" based on data that was recovered from a third-party device;
  • sorting files to CWM Recovery using backups;
  • processing data through the integrated ADB terminal.

Obtaining ROOT

The main function of the MTK Droid Tools program is to obtain "super rights". Do not forget that before starting the "hack" will require a significant battery charge of the mobile device, as well as disabling antivirus protection, because "defenders" detect this software as a virus. Before "hacking" the device, do not pull out the SIM card and flash drive. Connecting to the phone, you will see the technical parameters that the utility will display in a few seconds. This data is displayed on the left side of the display. Below and to the right under the panel there is a "ROOT" button, clicking on which you will specify the "data recovery" mode on the mobile device and wait until the software "root" the device. If the color of the indicator of this program changes from blue to green, it means that the operation was successful. Then you will go to another tab, because the program will automatically open it. On this tab, you will set the "SuperUser" option and start working on your smartphone with superuser rights. If needed, you will uninstall unused applications, freeing up space on your mobile device.

Key features

  • Gain superuser rights, data archiving (backup) and uninstall system applications;
  • the application can "hack" smartphones with "old" OS Android 2.3 and higher;
  • storage of "backups" on SD-card or hard disk of a computer or laptop;
  • the software runs on Windows OS of newer versions;
  • smartphone connection is available only via USB cable;
  • simple graphical environment with Russian localization;
  • "router" works in portable mode and is distributed free of charge.
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