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System: Android 2.3
Program Status: Free
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Today, many users use their own smartphones to watch movies. This is much more comfortable than turning on a computer or TV - you can enjoy your favorite movie anywhere. The main thing is to choose a suitable application designed for playing videos. The most attractive option is ForkPlayer, which has many features and supports most media file formats.


In addition to the playback function, the application has a built-in browser. Through it, you can find new movies, cartoons and TV series in the appropriate catalogs, and then start watching. If you want to stream the content you are playing on a large monitor, you will need to install the add-on RemoteFork if you use a smartphone screen for viewing, you don't need to install this add-on.


After launching the program, the user can watch movies, TV series and other videos posted in free cinemas. The client is also able to play clips from such popular portals as YouTube, Vimeo, RuTube, etc. In the menu there is an option to connect television channels, as well as interaction with social networks. Thanks to its wide functionality, the program replaces several similar utilities at once. For greater user convenience, the most popular sites are displayed on the main page of ForkPlayer. You can add links yourself by specifying the address and name of your favorite resource. To visit a site that is not on the main list, you need to enter it in the corresponding text field and click the "Go" button. After a few seconds, the page you are looking for will be successfully displayed. ForkPlayer has excellent customization. For example, it supports changing the color design of the interface, choosing a background picture or adding a set of icons.

Main features

  • Interaction with various video hosting sites
  • Russian language interface
  • Ability to create a list of frequently visited resources
  • Completely free distribution
  • Compatible with "smart" TVs running on the Android platform
  • Change interface design
  • Need to install the RemoteFork add-on to transmit video to TVs.
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