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System: Android 2.3
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RemoteFork software is made in conjunction with the program ForkPlayer and is designed to keep the player working correctly. The application can be installed both on portable computers and Android smartphones. Recall that ForkPlayer is installed on TVs that support "Smart TV" technology and provides free online viewing of any movies and TV series.


ForkPlayer is an "intermediate server" through which the operation and control between the TV and the smartphone is realized. This is the main function of the application, which allows you to link the necessary devices with each other and synchronize them for correct operation.


First of all, the program is necessary for comfortable TV viewing and maintaining the workflow of ForkPlayer. RemoteFork allows you to access files on a PC or smartphone. A smartphone with the installed application will become a convenient remote. However, this will require synchronization of the technology and installation of the same name software on your TV.


Remote control and browser configuration via mobile device is the main feature of the application. The application supports most DNS servers. A pleasant bonus is support for torrent resources. Remote control and browser configuration via mobile device is the main feature of the application. It should be noted that for active and constant operation of all these features, the application must be run on all devices.


For successful work and comfortable browsing, it is necessary to synchronize all intermediary devices. Interaction is provided by creating an access point through the local network and installing the appropriate software on all intermediary devices. After creating a single access point, it is necessary to create a common folder where media content of the supported format will be uploaded to playback devices.

Application features

  • No registration in the service;
  • viewing local media files from a PC and playing them on the TV screen;
  • torrent client support;
  • easy launch of DNS servers;
  • support for both older and newer versions of Android;
  • installation of the same name software on the TV and PC for correct operation;
  • autorun when the device is turned on.
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