Mi PC Suite

Mi PC Suite
Category: Working with Android devices
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Mi PC Suite is a special program (manager) that provides work with smartphones from Xiaomi. This software is developed by the creators of the phones of this brand. It is used to manage Xiaomi smartphones and tablets. Similar managers are created by many brands of mobile devices, which are not particularly different in structure and operating principle. Mi PC Suite is the official manager for Xiaomi mobile devices, which provides data transfer, as well as updates the "firmware" of the device. The creators of the program added several interesting features to the graphical shell. In this software, you transfer all content and other files between the hard disk of your computer and the memory of your smartphone. You view the data in a convenient mode, thanks to the division into separate categories. Mi PC Suite has its own file manager. Take advantage of its functions and access your system files and folders. By connecting to the smartphone, you get access to its file system and manage all the folders of the device. The software handles batch operations, which means you transfer a whole bunch of information from the smartphone to the computer and vice versa. After connecting the smartphone, MiPCSuite "finds" the device and connects to it automatically. The program downloads the necessary data and drivers from the network for a full-fledged connection with the mobile device. The graphical shell of the manager contains two sections. The first one has a toolbar and a small help about the technical state of the device. The first section has a toolbar and a small help about the technical status of the device.

Key features

  • Information transfer between Xiaomi smartphones and tablets;
  • the mobile device can be configured as a wireless router (access point);
  • in the software you can update the "firmware" and backup data;
  • the graphical shell is created in orange and white color palette;
  • in the file manager you can sort information by type;
  • the program shows the technical parameters of the connected mobile device.

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