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Root Android

Root Android
Category: Root rights
System: Android 6.0
Program Status: Free
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Root Android 6.0 is a special utility that provides you with administrator rights on your mobile device. Using this tool, you "root" a smartphone or tablet running Android Marshmallow OS. Root Android 6.0 works on portable devices of different models. This software is suitable for experienced mobile users who use a device with advanced features. The graphical shell of this utility is created in a modern format and does not contain unnecessary features that interfere with the full-fledged work with the mobile device.

Obtaining rights

Use this application and conduct a "test" Android device to find out whether it is possible to get ROOT rights. Before "rooting" you do not need to connect the smartphone to a computer using a USB cable. The process of "hacking" is carried out in automatic mode. To obtain superrights, in addition to the utility itself, auxiliary tools that manage the activated ROOT are installed on the mobile device. RootAndroid 6.0 works in tandem with these tools, providing full-fledged customization and "rooting" of the device. This software allows their use for "trusted" programs.


This application allows you to get superuser rights on Android Marshmallow. The software is not designed to "root" any model of mobile device. Before obtaining "admin rights" Root Android 6.0 determines the model of your smartphone in automatic mode. In the graphical shell of this application, you can choose four methods for obtaining "super rights". Choose one of the four options to hack your mobile device. If none of the methods suits you, then download the alternative utilities Kingo ROOT or Root Genius

key features

  • Check and test the compatibility of the device to obtain root rights;
  • obtaining "root" for a smartphone in automatic mode, without problems;
  • with the software is installed additional components for a full-fledged "hack" portable device and manage administrator rights;
  • the utility does not need a network connection;
  • there is a choice of four ways to "root";
  • the smartphone is automatically detected;
  • the graphical environment of the application is created in a modern design;
  • this tool is designed to work with Android Marshmallow;
  • the utility is available for free download.
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