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Root Booster

Root Booster
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 3.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 310


Root Booster is a mobile plugin for Android, which provides the ability to increase the performance or increase the life of the phone. With the support of the software it is possible to change system settings. It should be said that for the application of the software you need root rights.


Plugin provides an opportunity to adjust the clock speed of the processor and the amount of RAM used to increase the performance of the phone. The choice of settings is made automatically. To increase the speed of functioning will still turn off all utilities that work in the background format. Moreover, the program deletes cache and destroys temporary data, which gives you the opportunity to clear space on the internal storage of the phone.

Power saving

If you need to increase the battery life, you need to run this option. At the same time, the plugin will turn off all unimportant services that use a lot of battery power. This format will give the opportunity to extend the autonomy and functioning time of the phone. If desired, the program gives the opportunity to roll back the phone to the default parameters. Moreover, customers can see the descriptions of the formats. There is also the ability to delete unused files in the system.


  • Downloading software is not for money;
  • Similar to Booster Cleaner, this plugin gives you the ability to increase the performance of your phone;
  • It is possible to increase battery life;
  • Need root permissions;
  • There is an instruction manual and format descriptions;
  • The mobile software works on any Android gadgets.

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