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Windows Media Center Extender

Windows Media Center Extender
Category: Drivers
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 6 614


Windows Media Center Extender is software that allows you to stream content to an external HP x5400 device. This software is designed as a "media center" that runs on Windows OS computers. This program (driver) provides a full-fledged "stream" of multimedia files from the computer to the external player. All data is streamed and played back without problems. Use this program to stream music, video and image files to an external player. Windows Media Center Exte nder works on computers with OS Windows XP. The creators of the software have not yet released a version for the new generation of operating systems OS Windows 7 and above. The graphical interface is created in a modern design and does not contain complex functions. The "media center" function in new operating systems is absent, although in the "ten" you can use the download link, but the drivers with this build of the program do not work.

About devices

"Extender" is a slang term from Microsoft that refers to a device for "networking" media content from a PC to external set-top boxes and players. The HP x5400 player is one example (these drivers are created for it), as well as the Linksys WMCE54AG receiver, which (does not need to install third-party software. You can also include an Xbox 360 console with drivers installed. Now "extenders" are practically not used, because all content can be transferred from the hard disk of the computer, without using third-party devices. For computer users who have OS Windows 7, there is a program IntelWiDi, and on OS Windows 10 you can use technology Miracast don't forget that the driver discussed in the review works on OS Windows XP and Vista.


Media Center Extender is installed without problems, and the process itself does not take much time. The graphical shell of the software and the installer itself are not localized into Russian, but even an inexperienced user will understand the installation process.

Key features

  • this software is distributed under an official license from HP;
  • the program shell can be used as an "extender" to broadcast media content to the HP x5400 device;
  • the program runs on old generation Windows OS;
  • the installation process does not take much time and is automatic;
  • the program is available for free download.
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