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1234 Taxisaturn

1234 Taxisaturn
Category: Taxis and rides
System: Android 2.1
Program Status: Free
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1234 Taxisaturn is a mobile application from Lime Taxi and allows you to work with the cab service Saturn. The main purpose of the program is to facilitate the work of cab drivers.

How it works

1234 Taxisaturn connects the dispatch service, which controls the workflow, with the cab driver. The abilities of the application are quite extensive, suffice it to say that there is no need to use a GPS controller, navigation device, walkie-talkie, taximeter. There is no reason to worry that if there is a need to reboot the smartphone, data on the trip will disappear. When using Lime Taxi, such situations are completely excluded, and the driver has nothing to worry about.

Feature set

With the 1234 Taxisaturn driver terminal, a cab driver can independently create a request and search for a client, be aware of all available requests, accept one of them and book a variant that can be worked out later. All information on trips, current or upcoming, with price, route, special wishes of the client, is posted in the application. Built-in chat allows you to be in touch with drivers and dispatchers, the latter track the route of the cab, the state of the application, the data of the taximeter. Taximeter functionality allows you to enable "free idle time" at traffic lights, automatically change the day rate to night rate, there is an additional rate for trips outside the city, and you can use hourly payment. The driver does not need to worry about the data on the trip, because all the information comes to the servers. The application has a special tab that contains data about all trips. By pressing just one button, you can get in touch with the customer and find out the details of the trip, or say that the cab is already in place.

General characteristics

The application is equipped with built-in maps that show the route to the customer, as well as form the path of the upcoming trip. The driver can select a new urgent request, book a later one, cancel the order. The program makes it possible to manage the taximeter, send information from it to the server. With the help of the built-in chat, the driver keeps in touch with clients and dispatchers. In the news department you can get acquainted with new information on the company and offers for employees.
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