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Corona Renderer

Corona Renderer
Category: Plugins
System: Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Alternative rendering tool for the programs 3DS Max и Cinema 4D it is one of the most powerful options for solving rendering problems and many professionals use it. Corona Renderer is a program for processing three-dimensional models.


Corona is a standalone object, but it is necessary to have other programs. It means that it is worth interacting with other programs for 3D modeling. For example, you can use 3DS Max and other popular analogs. Work in the program without help from outside you will not work. All because the "crown" allows you to render a three-dimensional model, but you will not be able to create it.


People who don't have the time and desire to fully explore the program settings may not worry. Corona Render has customizations to use from the start, and the result is not much different from what you would get if you were setting up a professional. The automatic processing provided by the developers will manifest itself in the fact that the user uploads a model, and the program, having scanned the object, will identify all the minuses, and then correct them. Everything that is missing initially will be added to your models. Softness, depth, shadows, brightness, some shades. It will also adjust the gamma so that the picture is perceived better.


The use of programs of this type will be most convenient for people who are engaged in architecture and designing the furnishings of apartments and living quarters. Bright rendering, along with a good design - it is this combination will strongly incline the client to buy than faded and uninteresting models.

Key features

The program spends more time on rendering than the same program V-Ray this indicates more model processing, which will improve quality. It allows you to start working immediately instead of spending time on customization. Processing of models allows you to make them more colorful and attractive, which is quite easy to notice. Work together with other programs such as: 3DS Max, Cinema 4D and other analogs. And one of the most important things is the almost free use of the program.
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