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AV1 is a utility for Windows that allows you to view video created on the basis of the encoding standard of the same name. The module does not have its own graphical interface and is a plug-in for a third-party media player.

Encoding standard

AV1 is a widespread video codec from the specialists of Alliance for Open Media. It is actively used in the process of video encoding for subsequent sending over communication channels. It is based on unique algorithms that ensure data integrity, efficient compression and minimal load on the hardware during playback. Its main advantage is to provide a good ratio between quality and data volume. The quality remains at a high level even at high compression rates, which not all modern algorithms are capable of. That is why the codec is often used for downloading video to a browser. It is used in many areas where video optimization is important to reduce the load on the channel. Activation of AV1 hardware support allows you to use the graphics system for decoding. This component does it more efficiently and with less power consumption, which is important for mobile devices. In the process of autonomous work this mode allows you to noticeably extend the time until the battery is completely discharged.

Video Viewing

After installation, users can freely watch videos created on the basis of this encoding algorithm. It is worth noting that there is no player of its own, the functionality of third-party programs is used. The component also allows you to view clips of this type using a browser.


  • extension for third-party players that adds AV1 support;
  • no graphical interface is provided;
  • provides an efficient compression algorithm with minimal loss in video quality;
  • hardware acceleration support;
  • plugin can be downloaded for free.
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