Category: Office Software
System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Program Status: Free
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The Flock utility for Windows helps to organize users' collaboration on a project. With its help, you can create channels for communication and file sharing. The application supports migration from Slack with saving the contact list and correspondence history.

Getting started with the program

To use the utility, you need to create an account, specifying your first and last name, email, cell phone number and the direction of the company. Then you should invite your colleagues by sending them a login link.


The program allows you to form a list of tasks and mark the completed ones. It is possible to delegate the solution to one of the employees. Integration with cloud services, including Google Drive, is available. This provides the ability to open, view and edit documents stored on the server directly in the working window of the utility.


The main function of the application is to exchange text messages between users. They are available to create private and public channels. There is an opportunity to exchange files. The utility allows you to send voice memos, as well as conduct video and audio conferences. The mode of showing the entire display or a separate window is available.

Main features

  • the program performs the functions of a messenger for corporate communication;
  • the application can be downloaded and used free of charge;
  • the program allows users to work together on a project and give assignments to subordinates;
  • file sharing, as well as voice and text messaging are available;
  • the utility is compatible with current versions of Windows.
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