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System: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Program Status: Free
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PC-Telephone is a specialized utility that is installed on Windows-based devices. Its essence is to allow users to make calls online. All that is needed is to dial the desired number, click on the call and wait for the answer. You can call from both a computer and a laptop. With the help of the application, you can contact people long distance. Of the distinctive features should be mentioned about the lack of Russian language, but this does not prevent anyone from exploring the possibilities of the program.


This software is designed for making calls on the Internet. To make long-distance calls, you need to invest money. All you need is to choose a tariff on the main page and pay for it. This can be done using an e-wallet or bank card. The cost is quite affordable, so everyone can afford such a purchase. For payment, the software provides high-quality communication, so there are no delays and failures. In addition, it gives the opportunity to freely communicate with friends, colleagues and acquaintances. The principle of using the application is quite simple: you need to dial a number and press the appropriate button.


The main option of the software is that users can make calls via a computer device or laptop. In addition to calls, it is possible to send fax notifications. If the amount on the balance runs out, it will warn about it. Before fully downloading the program, you can use the demo version to see the usefulness of the application.


  • Ability to make calls to other countries;
  • Several tariff plans to choose from;
  • Provides quality communication.
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