Category: Working with Android devices
System: Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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The program, with which you can synchronize your computer and smartphones (tablets) from the manufacturer ASUS, is officially released and free to download. ASUS Sync - synchronizes contacts in your mobile device with your computer, allows you to save all the necessary data from accidental loss with your phone. Unfortunately, there is no full and detailed list of supported devices in the description, so you need to download, install and try compatibility with the application of your device yourself. Only one thing is clear, programa works with ASUS devices, as it is an official application, as well as with tablets of this manufacturer Eee Pad series, also support some phones Zenfone. In any case, you need to check the work of the application with your device yourself. Download, install, connect. Only wire is used for synchronization, other connections are not supported, so be sure to have a USB cable with a connection suitable for your mobile device.


ASUS Sync will certainly not please the user too much with its functionality, some people have enough of its capabilities, others are not satisfied with it at all. The application can only make a copy of the phonebook and calendar, everything else will remain untouched. That is, you will not get a complete copy of all data from the phone. However, the convenience of making a copy in just a couple of clicks and minimal user-friendly interface will help to make even such work easy and convenient.


The application is downloaded from the official manufacturer's website completely free of charge and can be installed on desktop PCs or laptops. The key feature - correct work with this program is possible only on Windows 7. All other versions of the operating system are not supported correctly, it may hang, refuse to start or work unstably. It is strongly recommended to run this application only on the version of "seven".

Key features

  • Correct operation is guaranteed only on Windows 7;
  • Synchronizes only contacts saved in your phone and calendar with entries in it;
  • There is no full list of supported devices, you will have to check manually;
  • In addition to phones supports some models of tablets from the same manufacturer ASUS;
  • Connection to the device only via USB data cable.

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