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Category: Development
System: Windows 10
Program Status: Free
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PowerShell is a specialized application that has many useful features. It can be used to create scripts to automate a variety of tasks. The interface is open source, so it has no graphical design at all. This extensible automation tool is designed for system administrators. It gives you the ability to change settings, maintain installed utilities and start services. It is worth noting that this program can be installed exclusively on Windows 10.


This software is based on the .NET Framework and can work with different classes. Thanks to it, you can change OS settings, get information about running processes, install and eliminate software. In addition, users can customize server components and roles, create scripts, view the list of drivers and hardware data. The software includes an integrated development environment, built-in debugger, command builder, and more.

What scenarios can be run?

You can write and run a variety of scripts here. They can include conditional transitions, arrays, loops and other components. You can also pass parameter values and create options. Moreover, here users can backgroundly run scripts as a user or administrator.


  • Ability to use the utility on a free basis;
  • a great tool that can automate repetitive manipulations;
  • the ability to create scripts, scripts and more;
  • huge library, which consists of 600 commands;
  • the ability to install the software on windows 10;
  • the interface is presented as open source.
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