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MSD TopDiary

MSD TopDiary
Category: Office Software
System: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 229


MSD TopDiary is a Windows software that allows you to keep a personal or professional diary. You can upload documents, contacts, images and other content. A huge plus is that you can write here a large amount of data on an unlimited number of pages. The interface itself is minimalistic and intuitive, and it is also in Russian. The program can be downloaded on all current versions of the above operating system.


All you need is to download the download file from this web portal and perform the installation on your personal computer equipment. After completing the corresponding procedure, you can run the application and test it. All tools can be used completely free of charge, without investing any money. To begin with, you need to create a new project, in which you can enter the desired data in the future. Thanks to this software, you can enter entries with the actual time and date. If there are many pages in the diary, then you need to use the right window to search for the desired information. It is also possible to add several participants, give them the right of access.


With this software, you can upload different events, documents, invoices and contacts. Its main task is to help you enter a professional or personal type diary. The application can be used to track the activities of workers, transportation or equipment. It is particularly useful for firms involved in logistics. It is possible to make adjustments or get rid of outdated data at any time.


  • Effective tool for creating a diary and its further maintenance;
  • the ability to keep records on an unlimited number of pages;
  • possibility to add several people, giving them the right of access;
  • the program is distributed on a free basis.
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