TriDef 3D

TriDef 3D
Category: Other (Multimedia)
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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TriDef 3D is a program in which you can convert video, graphics and pictures in 3D-format games. The software works on monitors that display the picture in three-dimensional volumetric modes. TriDef 3D converts games and movies to "stereo" 3D. The conversion will be available on a compatible monitor that supports stereoscopic 3D. This software is suitable for avid gamers, as 3D capable gaming monitors already exist.

Working with the program

When you start TriDef 3D, you will have to choose a 3D mode. Don't forget that you have to choose a mode that converts the picture in side-to-side focus, as well as in "progressive scan". If necessary, use the "advanced" mode, which allows you to adjust the 3D picture settings manually. When you make a selection, you'll see a full-screen menu where you specify the type of content. Then you need to "convert" the video clip in AVI, MKV or MP4 format. Next, you need to select a picture in the appropriate format for the game. TriDef 3D has its own player and manager for viewing image files. After you open the image or video file in the processing component, you will make it "three-dimensional" To convert the game to 3D mode, you need to make a number of settings.

3D in computer games

The added "volume" in games and programs that work with graphics are done through a component - TirDef Ignition. This component finds the "engine" in automatic mode, and then determines the start of the application. After that you can set certain picture parameters for it. Ignition also has a lot of "presets" with settings that are suitable for implementation in popular projects. Adding a shortcut with the executable file to the desktop, you will have to turn on the game using a special window. Do not forget that in the free version of TriDef 3D, the "converted" image will be displayed with a watermark.

Key features

  • the program is suitable for working on different monitors with 3D support;
  • the software allows you to distill an ordinary picture into a three-dimensional one;
  • converting video, pictures and gameplay;
  • works on video cards of popular brands;
  • the program contains methods that convert the picture into a three-dimensional volume;
  • the software "focuses" the image on the sight in the game itself, using the Shift One Eye technology.

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