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System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Program Status: Free
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Durable is a software that allows you to quickly create websites. An advanced algorithm is used to develop an online resource. There is a rich library with layouts. The utility functions correctly on laptops, as well as personal computers running Windows. Many versions are supported, including Vista and 10.

Advantages of the program

The main feature of the utility is the algorithm that is responsible for the development of web resources. Due to this, a person does not need to have special knowledge. Most of the actions are performed by the advanced algorithm. It is able to create web pages on the basis of user wishes. Among other things, the algorithm is able to adapt the graphical interface to different devices. Thanks to this, the developed website will look equally good on both PCs and portable gadgets.

Website development

First of all, a person needs to click on the "Get Started" button, which is located on the home page. Then the user will be asked to specify some data about the future site, including the theme, the name of the resource, and so on. The user will also be offered to choose a layout from the catalog. Available in the program templates are distributed by thematic groups. It should be noted that the choice of layout simplifies the creation of web pages, but does not limit the user. In the future, a person is able to make adjustments to the previously selected template.


When the first stages of creating a site will be passed, the user can begin to add text materials, videos, pictures and other things. Also, the utility provides an opportunity to change the structure of the web resource.


The user is able to develop one website for free. In the future, the user will have to subscribe. The purchase of premium also provides access to additional tools, including the generation of advertising banners, statistics and so on.


  • Advanced program for fast generation of websites;
  • The interface is presented exclusively in English;
  • The utility works on most versions of the operating system;
  • There is a catalog with a variety of layouts;
  • Some tools are not available in the trial version.
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