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Category: Photograph
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 178


Storyboard is a software with unusual functionality. With the help of the program, users can turn video recordings into comics. A neural network is built into the utility specifically for this purpose. The program can be used on Android phones and tablets.


The software uses an advanced algorithm responsible for analyzing the video material uploaded by a person and its subsequent transformation into a drawn story. To add a video, a user just needs to open the gallery and select the necessary file. After that the advanced algorithm automatically selects a series of frames from the video material and places them in a certain sequence. Next, the user needs to turn on the process of turning frames into a comic book and wait a bit. When the utility finishes the conversion procedure, a person can view the result and, if desired, save it to the storage of the mobile device. It is also possible to send content to messengers or social networks, including Telegram и Facebook


it should be noted that the user is not able to influence the final work of the algorithm. The neural network itself chooses the style of the drawn story and frames. Even after completing the creation of a comic book, a person does not get the opportunity to correct it. However, if the user does not like the result of the transformation, he can repeat the generation procedure. In this case, the advanced algorithm will start the process from scratch, which will result in a different comic book.


  • A program for creating drawn stories from video recordings;
  • Free installation and further use of the utility;
  • No possibility to influence the process of creating a comic book;
  • The program has a neural network;
  • Correct work on current versions of the operating system;
  • It is allowed to send the result to social networks and messengers.
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