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System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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ForkPlayer is a player that requires a TV with SmartTV technology to install. With its help, online movie theaters become available, which guarantees free video viewing. The functions of the application do not end there. In front of us is not so much a player as a browser, and this is an easy search for media content in the form of movies, TV series, animations and programs. For the purpose of such search the corresponding services are connected: Zona, Moonwalk and others. At the same time realized support for IPTV function, which extends free viewing to TV channels, connects a large database of content of this type. Attention! The minus of ForkPlayer is recognized as its installation. Some knowledge of installation is required to successfully complete the process.


If the TV is produced after 2011, belongs to the above brands and supports Smart TV, then you can proceed with the installation of the browser in question. Otherwise, the installation process looks like this:
  1. Download the program packaged in an archive.
  2. Transfer the files to a USB key.
  3. Unpack the archive on the TV.
Info. Sony TVs will require changing DNS . Some TV models work if auxiliary application is installed RemoteForkthe specific order of actions associated with the installation is published on the official resource of the developer, the link is available in the download menu.


Working with ForkPlayer does not cause difficulties. The application's interface is designed to be navigated using the remote control. Individual customization is possible:
  • choosing a different window background;
  • changing the design theme;
  • changing the location of applications, etc.


ForkPlayer is a lot of movies, photos, music and streaming video in free access mode, which correlates with the following:
  • an impressively large database of video content;
  • watching TV channels thanks to IPTV technology support;
  • clear interface that does not require mastering and can be "customized".
The negative points include the complexity associated with installing the application, as well as the impossibility of running ForkPlayer on TVs without Smart TV. In the latter case, it is a shame if the box is old - there is so much free video content.
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