LOGO Soft Comfort

LOGO Soft Comfort
Category: Computer-aided design systems (CAD)
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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LOGO Soft Comfort is a software package designed for software development from the famous German company "Siemens". The application includes a number of useful tools for software programming and further debugging.


LOGO Soft Comfort, as a programming environment, has a highly specialized purpose. The main area of application is industrial production, where programmable controllers are used to automate technological work.


The software solution, from the application line of the eponymous manufacturer, is designed to provide a convenient environment for working with programmable logic controllers. The official Siemens product allows the engineer to create better PLC automation and debugging. In addition to controllers, the software can be used to program intelligent relays. The program complex also includes a lot of additional tools. Programming in LOGO Soft Comfort is carried out in quite rare languages. The workflow can occur on several input/output channels at once. Integration is possible with industrial devices such as EIB, AS-i and LON. Hundreds of different blocks can be used to write a new program. A text display panel is used for easy programming. Dozens of useful functions are introduced in the program. A program feature is writing instructions in the form of relay contact diagrams. In order to save the written software, it is necessary to use a special application LOGO! Prom.

Additional tools

Among the many programming tools, the Teleservice is a remote debugging function that diagnoses PLCs and programmable relays. The tool can find program errors in the process and effectively eliminate problems. Also interesting will be the simulation tool for compatible devices.


Unfortunately, the graphical shell LOGO Soft Comfort and the accompanying manual for working with the software have no translation into Russian.

Product features

  • Ability to program PLCs and intelligent relays;
  • integration into industrial networks;
  • remote debugging function;
  • rare programming languages are used;
  • absence of russified both interface and program documentation.
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