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Remote access

MiHome MiHome
MiHome is a program created by Xiaomi, with the help of which the user will be able to control "smart" devices in his home using a smartphone or tablet. Features of workIt is worth reporting that the
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BBQScreen BBQScreen
BBQScreen is an application that provides broadcasting from the image of a mobile device to the screen of a personal computer or laptop. It is one of the leading applications in the field of data
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TeamViewer TeamViewer
TeamViewer is a special application for cell phones, with just a few taps you can remotely access any other devices, from desktop to portable. CompatibilityThe developers in this case tried very
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Monect PC Remote Monect PC Remote
Monect PC Remote is a special application that computer owners may need. If you want to control your computer or laptop with your phone, you just need to download this program. It will allow you to
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Samsung Smart Home Samsung Smart Home
The Samsung Smart Home mobile app is specially designed by the largest company to manage smart appliances used in the home. UsageAs mentioned above, by using this mobile app, you will be able to
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Mobizen Mirroring Mobizen Mirroring
Mobizen Mirroring is a special application for mobile devices that allows you to synchronize from with your desktop computer or laptop. FeaturesMobizen sets up between your phone and computer not
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Ace Live Streaming Ace Live Streaming
Ace Live Streaming this software solution allows users to broadcast gameplay of certain mobile games on popular streaming services such as YouTube and Twitch. This list is regularly expanding and new
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SURE Universal Remote SURE Universal Remote
SURE Universal Remote is a special program, which is needed to control household appliances. If you have a lot of appliances that can be controlled remotely, you can do it via your phone. It is worth
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Peel Smart Remote Peel Smart Remote
Peel Smart Remote is a remote control that fits modern TV sets, providing a very fast setup and a high degree of versatility, because the list of models it fits is huge. Also, it is suitable not only
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R4S Gateway R4S Gateway
R4S Gateway is a special software for controlling smart appliances. The program is an official development of Redmond and works only with appliances of this manufacturer. It is a prerequisite that
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