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Programming languages and compilers

PMD is the simplest software that helps to analyze program codes and find inefficient sections or those that are duplicated. It is an excellent assistant for programmers who set a goal to optimize a
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Android Studio Android Studio
Google has revolutionized the world of computing by giving people a large number of services, as well as an incredible mobile platform on which most devices these days are based. To bring new
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RAD Studio RAD Studio
RAD Studio is a development environment that is designed specifically to allow a developer to create programs on cell phones. The program has many advantages, one of which is the FireDAC library. It
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MATLAB is a software for processing various mathematical data. UsageMatlab is an example of software that is used in a wide variety of fields. Work with mathematical data and calculations are in
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HiAsm HiAsm
HiAsm is an application creation tool for users who are not programmers and have neither experience nor skills in software development. HiAsm can serve as an effective solution to the problem when
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Visual Studio Community 2017 Visual Studio Community 2017
Visual Studio Community is a version of an integrated software development environment. It belongs to Microsoft and allows programmers to create various software. The version of the integrated
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Code Blocks Code Blocks
Code Blocks is a free integrated environment designed for those who use modern programming languages. This solution appears to be one of the best. There is no need to install third-party libraries
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