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Backup and recovery

Recuva Recuva
Recuva is a special program that can be useful for every user. Almost everyone has had situations when necessary files were deleted due to system failures, or trivial user errors. For many this was a
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Flashnul Flashnul
Flashnull is a flash drive diagnostic software. UsageRemovable media due to a number of features break down quite often, although not as often as hard disks. Simple defects such as "Not Detected" or
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Handy Recovery Handy Recovery
Handy recovery is a special program, the purpose of which is to recover data that has been deleted from the device. How many times have you had to face the fact that a necessary file was deleted.
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Windows Password Recovery Windows Password Recovery
Windows Password Recovery - this program can be incredibly useful at some point, especially if you need to regain access to your Windows system. Usage What should you do if you forget your account
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JetFlash Recovery Tool JetFlash Recovery Tool
JetFlash Recovery Tool is a special program that can work with personal drives that use flash memory. Flash drives can often suffer from various problems. Because of this, the drive may not let you
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Non-Stop Copy Non-Stop Copy
Non-Stop Copy is a special program that is needed to restore various data on your computer. It is worth noting that it is quite old, so it can work on all operating systems. It is suitable in those
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Renee Undeleter Renee Undeleter
Renee Undeleter is a special program that you need to recover lost files. If you have lost some documents, music, videos and other data, you can try to get them back. Sometimes situations can happen
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Renee Passnow Renee Passnow
Renee Passnow is a special program that may be required in situations where the user has forgotten the password of their account. If you are unable to access your computer running on windows
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Lazesoft Recovery Suite Lazesoft Recovery Suite
Lazesoft RecoverySuite is an entire utility complex, the use of which will seriously ease the life of the user who urgently needs to recover data that he deleted, as well as to protect themselves
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ASUS Backtracker ASUS Backtracker
ASUS Backtracker is a special utility designed to allow you to restore one of the earlier versions of your notebook operating system. UsageThis program is indispensable in cases when it is important
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