Category: Device information
System: Android 2.3
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 29 712


This program is a spy for Android gadget. The application gives access to information about visited sites, received and sent messages, incoming and outgoing calls. Vkurse is a program for spying on gadgets that run on the Android system. There can be many reasons to spy on your device. Some of them are:
  1. Tracking your other half if there are suspicions of cheating.
  2. Child tracking. You can find out what actions your child is doing with the phone.
  3. Thinking about the safety of a loved one.
  4. Banal curiosity.

The main functions of the application

Vkurse has a large number of functions for tracking a person. The main multi-user way of tracking, both this program and other similar programs, is information about the location of the person. You can track the movement of the subject, which will give you accurate information on where the subject is, the moment it claims to you that they are at work or on their way home. The program not only gives you information about a person's location, but also provides information about what the user was doing at a particular moment, what internet pages he visited. To get all this information, you only need to discreetly install the application on the victim's phone.

Additional features

In addition to all this, Vkurse can record incoming and outgoing calls. There is a function to take a screenshot of the screen and send it to the e-mail of the person who installed the application. One of the main functions of Vkurse, which distinguishes it from other similar applications, is to get information from messengers installed on your gadget. In order to read correspondence from messengers, you need to select messengers and add them to the tracking list when installing the program. After installation you will receive all information from messengers. Read all correspondence of a person. There is also a function of tracking correspondence in social networks.


This application gives you the ability to monitor all the actions of the user on the gadget. It also gives access to the file system of the gadget. Which makes it possible to delete or upload files to the system remotely. Vkurse works in a stealthy mode. There is an opportunity to name the application as it occurs to you. And it will not be found on the vastness of the Internet, since the name will belong to you. The user who has the application installed in his gadget will not even guess that he is being monitored.
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