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Device information

TestM TestM
TestM is an application that is characterized by a special ease of use. It allows you to check the hardware of your mobile device for serviceability rather quickly. The process of working with the
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Google Family Link Google Family Link
Google Family Link is a program that allows you to exercise parental control. Using this tool from Google, parents will always know what their child is doing with the Android device. The client
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Reptilicus Reptilicus
Reptilicus is a program designed to protect data from intruders. This application logs all information on the device. It can be used as a surveillance tool. It is distributed free of charge. Will be
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VkurSe VkurSe
This program is a spy for Android gadget. The application gives access to information about visited sites, received and sent messages, incoming and outgoing calls. Vkurse is a program for spying on
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Talklog Talklog
Talklog is an application (spy) with the help of which you can view many processes of a third-party smartphone. This software runs on Android OS and provides viewing of messages, call history and
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MobileTool MobileTool
MobileTool is a spy application for gadgets. It is a program designed to track mobile devices running on Android platforms. Its main task is to collect data about calls and messages, as well as the
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