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Category: Recording
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Dailymotion is an Android app that allows you to access a catalog of videos. It is the official client of the hosting service of the same name. More than 30 million videos are available on various topics - clips, news, education, humor and so on. You can view online and save to your device. Subscription to specific channels to track new publications is supported.


The service is organized on the principle of classic video hosting. The start page displays a selection of the most popular videos at the moment. There is a search by title, author or genre, as well as a separate panel with a set of available categories. After subscribing you will receive notifications about new videos. You can create thematic collections of playlists and add content to the Favorites section. It is worth considering that high access speed is required for stable playback.


The built-in player contains all necessary functions and controls. In the settings, quality selection is available, full screen mode is supported. It is possible to put standard reactions, read comments and add new ones. A separate option allows you to select the optimal resolution. This can be used if you need to reduce the load on the Internet channel. The built-in algorithm tracks user preferences and forms a selection of suitable content. Views, comments and likes are taken into account. You can customize the mode of receiving notifications when you sign up for a new subscription. This will allow you to quickly learn about new publications.


  • access to an extensive catalog of videos;
  • you can subscribe to channels, give likes and add comments;
  • support saving to a local folder;
  • search function;
  • free download.
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