Category: Players
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 173


FireTube is an unofficial Android client for accessing YouTube you can browse videos, subscribe, create playlists and search for content.


The program has a built-in music player, which contains all the necessary controls and supports working with playlists. A separate panel allows you to form a selection of similar songs. During playback, you can change the current sound quality. This can be useful in case of unstable network access. The option of random playback is supported. It supports working with the screen off and in the background. This allows you to extend the battery life. The Favorites panel allows you to form your own selection of favorite tracks. The built-in algorithm analyzes the user's preferences and automatically adds suitable songs to the feed.


Full screen mode is supported during video playback. You can change the resolution by selecting the best option from the list of available options. Standard controls are provided, such as moving to the next clip, adjusting the volume, looping the video, and so on. It is possible to authorize with a Google account, which will allow you to get access to previously registered subscriptions. Also available is a section with viewing history, a selection of recommendations and a number of other features from the popular video hosting. There is a built-in function for importing standard playlists. You can choose the quality of clips to save traffic, the default mode is automatic. The program allows you to save played videos in local caches - the file can be retrieved through Explorer. The use of third-party players is supported.


  • unofficial YouTube client;
  • built-in player;
  • playlist support;
  • broadcast quality customization;
  • third-party players can be used;
  • free download.
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