Category: Recording
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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YesTube utility for Android smartphones allows you to download video files from any online resource. The function of recognizing links in automatic mode is available, as well as the ability to choose the quality and resolution of the video clip. You can use the app to download clips from YouTube and other video hosting sites.

Preparing to download a file

After launching the utility, the main page shows a list of the most popular video files with the highest number of views. It is possible to search for a video clip by category or title. Users can also choose an online resource for downloading the file. It can be any social network or video hosting. The option to capture videos from websites is supported. When you copy a link to a video clip to the clipboard, the application automatically recognizes the address and offers to start the download. In addition, a button appears on the page with the video clip, clicking on which starts the download.

Downloading a file

Before starting the download, the utility offers to select the quality of the audio or video file. After that, information about the file becomes available in the corresponding section. Users can pause and resume downloading. It is possible to enable automatic resumption of downloading in case of connection failure. To save traffic, it is advisable to configure the transfer of information only through Wi-Fi networks.

Main features

  • The application provides the ability to download files from video hosting sites and social networks;
  • the utility can be downloaded and used for free;
  • you can choose the quality of the video clip;
  • users have the ability to download movies with subtitles;
  • link recognition function is supported;
  • the program is compatible with working versions of Android.
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