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System: Android 5.0
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Sway is a simple program that uses neural network algorithms for its operation. With the help of built-in functions, the user can easily create full-fledged presentations by simply entering queries. The program will independently create slides and format them. To tweak the result, you just need to write the following command.

Presentation Generator

It should be understood that Sway solution does not allow you to create presentations from nothing. You will have to find the source pictures and data that you need to put on the slides. Then, the utility analyzes incoming traffic and creates slides based on it. They will be informative and ready to be used in real conditions. Note that the user can upload an infinite number of pictures and text to Sway. If we talk about text, this application does not create anything on its own. You will have to find or write the text yourself, just like pictures. Roughly speaking, Sway is a full-fledged presentation layout tool, which makes it much easier to create a large number of slides. But most importantly - so the accuracy of the work increases, the user gets the opportunity to avoid trivial errors. Note that pictures for presentations can be searched directly through the internal search.


To start using it, you will need to do 2 things. The first is registration, which is required to use any such modern services. The second is to add all pictures and text. These operations are already enough to start using the utility. After creating slides, it will remain only to add headers and subheader to them.

Main features

  • The program is designed to automatically create a presentation;
  • Works using a neural network;
  • Automatically distributes text and pictures on slides;
  • There is a search for pictures on request.
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