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Mystery Lite

Mystery Lite
Category: VPN
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 124


Mystery Lite is a VPN program that allows the user to set up a virtual private network on a mobile gadget. With its help, you can enable connection to a VPN server, hide your real IP and access blocked portals. Thus, you can anonymously browse any websites and other resources without facing any restrictions. Like all VPN software, this product is characterized by an accessible and modern interface, which can be easily mastered, despite the fact that it is in English.


The presented software allows users to set up a VPN on the phone to bypass restrictions. It gives access to a huge number of virtual private networks from different countries, and you can connect to them without any problems. Examples of these include the US, UK, India and many more. But it is worth keeping in mind that access to these servers is time limited. You can watch commercials to extend the free connection. This mobile client can choose the VPN with maximum bandwidth automatically and monitor the speed of sending data in real time.


This utility can hide your real ip address and browse websites anonymously. It provides full protection while using public wai-fai. The application functions without user name, registration or data restrictions. It does not keep any logs, does not perform monitoring and does not sell personal data. The software is able to download any portals at the highest possible speed. Here it is almost impossible to overload the server, so you can play games online and do not worry that there will be a connection failure.


  • VPN server, which provides access to a huge number of virtual private networks;
  • the ability to mask IP and watch blocked pages;
  • protection of personal data.
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