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Universal Copy

Universal Copy
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 183


Universal Copy is an application that is required to perform text copying from any source, even if it was not originally intended by the developer. Thus, it is available to copy plain text from websites, applications, pictures, copy-protected script and so on. You just need to use a simple toolkit to select the desired scanning area.

Launch and use

After downloading this application to your cell phone, a new button will appear in the notification bar. By clicking on it, you can start the universal copying process. During it, a separate window will appear on the screen, which can be adjusted by dragging the borders. Once you set the window to the desired position, you can start scanning. Any text that falls into the area will be copied to the clipboard. In doing so, even text with not so good readability will translate very faithfully.


While using the document and image scanning mode, you should be ready for 2 main drawbacks. First, Universal Copy works only with Latin letters and text. You cannot scan other languages with its help. The second problem is some errors that may occur due to an algorithm bug or too bad readability. In any case, each copied text will have to be re-read and slightly edited, which can slow down the process of using the program a bit. However, the scanner can save an impressive amount of time that could have been spent on manual rewriting.

Main Features

  • The program is designed to scan text in any format;
  • The scanning mode works only with Latin letters;
  • Can make mistakes when recognizing characters, which forces you to edit the entire copied text;
  • Saves a lot of time when using.
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