Category: Recording
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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VCUS is an Android application for video editing and editing. It provides a large number of tools, has a built-in catalog of effects and filters. You can work with videos up to FullHD quality.

Editing and splicing

A convenient workspace provides the ability to quickly assemble a video from multiple parts by selecting appropriate transitions. A set of markers with timestamps make it easy to work with. Professional filters allow you to apply a certain style to the final video. There is a brief description of the elements, which allows you to understand its purpose. There are quite a lot of effects, but the catalog is implemented quite conveniently, categories are used for navigation. Separate settings sliders are provided for each fragment, which allows you to work with separate sections. They allow you to change the color scheme, add blurs, ripples and more. A system of hints is provided. Built-in slowmotion effect, which slows down the playback speed and integrates additional frames for smooth playback. The mode allows you to emphasize many important moments. A separate timeline is provided for working with audio. You can add an external file and customize the playback time. Basic operations are also performed by dragging and dropping elements to the desired location. All common formats are supported. Beginners can familiarize themselves with the detailed instructions on working with the program. All available tools, modes of operation, supported file types and much more are listed. There is a selection of useful recommendations that allows you to create professional projects.


  • Video editor with extensive functionality;
  • a selection of unique effects;
  • audio track addition;
  • a large number of audio and video formats are supported;
  • free download.
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