Category: Players
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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BandLab is an application that is designed specifically for creating new music. The user can record new music tracks using the built-in virtual instruments, as well as combine them with each other at will.


To create music, you will need to use recorded samples of various musical instruments. The following instruments are available in this application: acoustic and electronic guitars, bass guitar, drums and piano. These are just the most basic instruments, in fact there are many more. To add a track, simply specify the desired notes and frequencies. Using the internal sound editing tools, you can achieve the most realistic sound possible, even though the sound is artificial. BandLab also provides access to voice recording functions for the vocal part.

Collaborative projects

The most interesting thing about BandLab is the presence of a large community, which can be accessed through a separate tab within the application. There, various users post their works. You can listen to them, suggest a collaboration, add something to create a unique track, and even support other authors with money. Thanks to this feature, active musicians can get to know each other and create really interesting works with their efforts. And the more projects you have, the more chance you have to attract attention. Each user has his own profile inside BandLab with unique data about him and his work.

Main features

  • The program allows you to create music;
  • There are many samples of musical instruments to create unique soundtracks;
  • There is a mixer and the ability to add effects;
  • You can upload your work to the community;
  • The community allows you to meet new authors, create joint projects with them, and even support each other financially.

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