Petal Maps

Petal Maps
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 8.0
Program Status: Free
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Petal Maps is an Android program that gives you access to a geolocation service. You can use maps, plot routes, track traffic jams and more.


The utility is designed for users of Honor and Huawei smartphones. The service is positioned by the developers as an alternative to the platform Google Maps the function of determining the current location is provided. Built-in catalog contains detailed maps of more than 140 countries. It is possible to search for an object by name, enter exact coordinates, and lay routes with the necessary parameters. 2D and 3D modes of map display are supported. A separate panel allows you to change the scale, viewing angle, tilt and other parameters.


The database of objects and points of interest is integrated. It is possible to view available items in catalog mode with categories. This allows you to search for the nearest establishments - cafes, companies, pharmacies, banks and so on. When you click on it, additional information is displayed. The program loads information about the situation on the roads in a certain location. With the help of visual labeling, you can assess the level of congestion of individual sites. The built-in algorithm allows you to lay out the optimal route, if the driver deviates, it is automatically rebuilt. The average speed of movement is fixed, on the basis of which the approximate time of arrival is calculated. All maps are optimized to work on mobile devices. Navigation is smooth enough, gestures for control are supported. The load on the hardware is minimal.


  • extensive map catalog;
  • access to current geolocation;
  • catalog of establishments with a search function;
  • route guidance and traffic jam tracking;
  • free download.
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