Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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SelfieCity is an Android application for photo editing. The main focus is on processing selfies. There is a selection of unique filters for skin tone, you can add captions, frames and stickers, automatic correction mode is available.

Photo creation

To work with the program, you must first allow access to the built-in camera. Then you can select one of the filters and set the shooting mode. The desired resolution, flash parameters, timer and so on are specified. The program allows you to select the original image from the gallery.


A large number of effects are available in the catalog that you can use to process selfies. You can change the background, adjust the color scheme, add stickers, arbitrary inscriptions, and much more. Another non-standard feature is the ability to change the size of individual parts of the face - nose, ears, lips, and so on. This is done using a set of sliders, which opens up a lot of room for experimentation. For convenience, you can add popular filters to your favorites. After processing is complete, the new photo can be published in a social network or saved in a local folder. The interface is implemented conveniently, all elements are grouped into separate panels. Basic gestures are supported. The result of the change is immediately displayed on the photo, there is a function to undo the last actions for an arbitrary number of steps. There is a help section with step-by-step instructions and description of all available interface elements. The material covers all stages of work and allows you to quickly assess the capabilities of the program.


  • photo creation and editing;
  • the editor is focused on working with selfies;
  • built-in filters;
  • changing the background;
  • automatic mode available;
  • free download.

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