Category: Drawing
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Khroma is an Android app for accessing a neural network to generate color palettes. People associated with creativity can quickly get the right templates to use in their projects. At the same time, the service automatically tracks user preferences and adjusts the work.


A large array of raw data was used to train the initial model. Specialists collected thousands of color palettes published in the public domain. Both unique color schemes and gradients can be created. At the same time, the platform takes into account the user's preferences, adjusting the desired result. For this purpose, at the first launch the program will offer you to pass the test by selecting the desired shades from the proposed base.


The result is pairs of shades. You can view it as gradients, templates and posters. It is possible to add a set to favorites at once. Local data storage is used for work, which allows you to noticeably speed up the work. The required data set is stored in the cache. When re-downloading, they are retrieved faster, while reducing the load on the network. If the proposed results are not satisfactory to the user, you can make changes to the personalized selection so that the algorithm updates the data. You can also experiment with the settings. For example, increase the deviation parameter to give the neural network more freedom. By default, the AI strictly follows the initial instructions. The full list of settings and features of the application can be found in the help section. There are examples of how the program works, and general recommendations are given on how to configure it for optimal results. A section with questions and useful tips is available.


  • neural network allows generating palettes;
  • the interface is in English
  • large selection of settings;
  • user preferences are taken into account;
  • free download.
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