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System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Riffusion is an Android app that allows you to generate music based on a text description. It uses a specialized neural network trained on an extensive selection of tracks in different styles.

Music Generator

The platform is based on the popular Stable Diffusion neural network. Built-in algorithms initially generate a visual representation of sound in sonogram format, after which they translate the data into audio. During the training process, use various data - melodies, rhythms, chords, peculiarities of the structure of songs in different genres, and so on. This allows the AI to generate unique fragments using the learned songs as a basis. At the same time, no special knowledge or skills are required from the user. It is enough to specify the main features of the composition in a free form. The platform recognizes and implements different moods and styles of music. For example, if the request implies a composition in the genre of rock, the neural network will actively use dynamic bass lines, drum solos and other elements. The combination of features allows you to experiment to get a unique track.


Access to the platform is completely free and no registration is required. There are no special skills or complicated settings. The user only needs to specify the description, track features and select the desired genre in a free form. A special form is provided for this purpose. After confirming the data entry, a new song will be generated. The built-in player allows you to immediately start playback. The service actively cooperates with musicians of different levels - they get the opportunity to generate the basis for their projects, finalizing them manually. This noticeably simplifies the whole process of work. The model is able to adapt to the preferences of a particular user. It is also possible to additionally train the neural network with the help of your own tracks. In the future, the updated data set will be used for new projects. In this case, the platform immediately adapts the content to the user's style, making it easier to create a text query. After completion, the melody is saved in MP3 format. It is possible to specify the file name and folder.


  • generation of melodies with the help of neural network;
  • noise reduction function;
  • simple interface;
  • genre selection;
  • free download.
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