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OKEx is an application that was developed from a cryptocurrency exchange of the same name. With the help of built-in functions, you can trade digital assets. There are different functions in the utility, both for working with tokens and for fiat trading.

Trading Pairs

The main function of OKEx is to provide an opportunity to trade cryptocurrency pairs. This exchange provides work with almost all existing assets related to digital coins. Well, thanks to their breakdown into trading pairs, buying and selling assets is very fast. A total of 400 different trading pairs can be found in the application.


Thanks to the presence of a single account within the cryptocurrency exchange, the user can more easily and efficiently carry out asset allocation to profiles. Having gone through the registration and verification procedure, it is possible to work with many assets that are tied to one account without much difficulty. It should be noted that there is a function of automatic multi-currency loans, real-time settlements, as well as work in a multi-account. All this may be required for professional traders to maximize their efficiency.


As in any other cryptocurrency exchange, the main functions here are aimed at analyzing statistics. Thanks to this, you can track the effectiveness of your trading strategies. Note that statistics can be displayed for a certain period, starting from a day and ending with months. Also, additional tools will help to quickly and effectively manage assets, buy and sell them. At the same time, you can analyze the chart to buy and sell at more profitable moments. Thanks to additional reference materials of the exchange, you can learn trading from scratch on your own.

Main Features

  • The program is designed to work with digital assets;
  • There are 400 cryptocurrency trading pairs;
  • All accounts are managed from a single account;
  • There are tools for tracking statistics and analyzing the market.
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