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System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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Intra is an application that everyone who actively uses the Internet may need. The application allows you to protect the most vulnerable point that can be easily intercepted by intruders if they have access to your information transmission channel. We are talking about DNS server, which is required to reformat a plain text request in the browser into an IP address. Without it, you can not find information among all the servers on the network. The main problem is that the information sent to the DNS server is not protected in any way. Basic encryption can bypass even the average user, if he is connected to your data source. This is the main danger of using public Internet networks. With Intra, you can protect yourself from data leakage in this way.

DNS encryption

The described program has a rather complex principle of operation, which consists in imposing additional encryption. Thus, even if a signal is intercepted, it cannot be decrypted using standard methods. Well, in order for the DNS server to function normally, the chain of sending information is also changed. For additional security, the utility can also change the DNS server to an external one, so that your smartphone does not contact the main source of information at all. All this provides a significant increase in security.

Main features

  • The program is designed to provide additional information while using the Internet;
  • Additional encryption is imposed on the DNS server;
  • The program performs its tasks in automatic mode, without the need for additional configuration;
  • Works on any Android smartphone.

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