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Nordea Mobile

Nordea Mobile
Category: Finance
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 101


Nordea Mobile is the official Android utility from the Finnish bank of the same name. The user gets access to basic payment tools, can track spending statistics and apply for new products. There is an interactive map to search for branches and the ability to contact a bank representative through the built-in chat.


Data for access to the personal cabinet must be obtained in advance in any branch of the bank. This measure is necessary to ensure security - a specialist performs identification before data transfer. For authorization you can use a PIN-code or a standard fingerprint scanner.

Personal cabinet

The main page contains information about current balances on active accounts and deposits. It is possible to request an account statement for a certain period. The list of available services for payment is arranged in a catalog format. For search you can use the rubricator, search by name or details. It is recommended to save frequently used payments as a template. This will eliminate the need to re-enter details or search for the necessary page. Integration with the platform Google Pay there is a ready template for setting up payment via contactless payments. Services of this type are widespread today, many terminals support this technology. An interactive map allows you to quickly find the nearest office and find out all the necessary information, including address, opening hours and contacts. The map can be scaled and, if necessary, lay a route to the desired object.


  • official application of Nordea Bank;
  • payment for services;
  • blocking and reissuing cards;
  • receiving account statements;
  • built-in card;
  • integration with other payment services;
  • free download.

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