Category: Finance
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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ABB is an Android application that provides mobile banking and is oriented to residents of Azerbaijan. You can pay for services, track statistics, send and receive transfers, register new products and much more.


The program provides all the basic functions within the framework of banking. IPS platform (instant payments) and AniPay function are fully supported. This allows payments to be made to a bank account using a simplified set of identifiers - email, FIN code and phone. Creation of templates for quick payment is supported. Payment for various services is available. A catalog with a rubric and search function is provided for searching. It is possible to set up regular payments, for example, to pay for Internet at the beginning of the month.


The main panel displays information about active cards and accounts. You can make a new deposit or apply for a loan. A separate tab contains detailed statistics, it is possible to select the required period. All transactions are saved in the form of a ribbon, when you click on a record, detailed information is displayed - amount, time, recipient and so on. An interactive map is built in, with the help of which you can quickly find the nearest branch or ATM. The zoom mode and current coordinates are supported. When you click on an object, all the necessary information is displayed - working hours, available services, address and contacts. Built-in chat allows you to contact a bank representative. When a reply is received, a notification is activated.


  • access to banking services in Azerbaijan;
  • payments and transfers;
  • function of creating templates and periodic payments;
  • execution of a loan or a new deposit;
  • integrated interactive map;
  • account information and access to detailed statistics;
  • free download.
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