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System: Android 8.0
Program Status: Free
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Chatable is an Android utility that allows you to turn your smartphone into a hearing aid. You can raise the volume and block outside noise to improve hearing.

Sound Amplification

The program is aimed at people who have certain hearing problems. To use this mode, you need to connect headphones beforehand. Then you need to launch the application and bring the mobile device to the interlocutor. It is recommended to choose the optimal distance, so that the voice was heard clearly enough, the regular microphone is used. Using the built-in microphone, the voice will be picked up and after processing will be played back through the headset. The volume level and noise reduction mode can be adjusted in advance to suit the current conditions. For processing is used neural network VOXimity, which is able to separate speech from extraneous sounds. Music, distant conversations, wind noise, street sounds and so on are effectively detected. The volume of the main voice is raised, while the other sounds are lowered. This ensures good quality even under difficult conditions, such as outdoors.


Only two sliders are used for customization. The first one allows you to adjust the volume level, the second one allows you to block outside noise. It is necessary to find the optimal mode by experience. In the settings there is also an option to activate low sound quality, this option is intended for older devices. Asynchronous processing mode is supported, which in some cases increases the efficiency of the AI. It is worth considering that the maximum values are available only after subscribing. The cost and payment algorithm can be found in the main menu.
  • the program allows you to use the device as a hearing aid;
  • simple interface;
  • noise suppression mode;
  • a number of options are available after subscription activation.

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