Category: Services
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Aave is a mobile utility that allows users to invest in virtual currency. It allows you to invest money in cryptocurrency and receive passive income from loans of other users. This is an official development from the online platform of the same name, so you can fully count on the safety of the operational process. The developers have tried to create an intuitive interface with convenient controls, and they managed to realize it. Users who have already managed to use this software, get full pleasure from using the program.

How to invest?

This is an open source software that has been designed to earn interest on loans and deposits. It accepts digital currency that is put into a pool. From it, other customers can receive borrowed assets. This exchange functions with many cryptocurrencies, including the most popular ones. Each pool has a reserve of reserve assets to be able to repay strong volatility. With this, users can withdraw their funds at any time, with no risk of losing the withdrawal of the issued money.

Digital currency

The presented program possesses personal coins with market capitalization. A huge plus is that they can be stored on a variety of exchanges. Through the utility, you can buy coins from this application. These are the ones that act as proof of investment. Users can borrow at interest on the appropriate platform, with the help of which the owners of the coin will receive passive income. Immediately it is worth noting that in the mobile client there are many cryptocurrencies available, with which you can perform targeted manipulations. The loan can be taken at variable or fixed interest rates.


  • The ability to invest in virtual currency;
  • display of the actual amount of borrowed money;
  • possibility to store assets on smart contracts;
  • free software distribution.

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